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We think the best way to figure out what to do with AI is to look at what people are best at doing and see what we can build.

About us

Ambitious brands face a pressing need: to stand out in a world where AI is a new force. They are looking for an AI strategic plan and a long-term partner to help them execute against it.

Needs are urgent and time-to-market matters. But what is AI’s highest use? This is everyone’s biggest question in an environment where almost anything is suddenly possible.

We deeply believe that human-centric companies will win biggest in an AI world, and we overridingly use AI to get behind the most human parts of a business and push. The great value of AI lies in augmentation, not automation.
Our customers are not shopping for vendors or preconfigured solutions — they understand that AI represents both an existential risk and an opportunity to their business. They are ready to do both the inner and outer work required to make a true leap forward, and look to us as a trusted strategic guide.
We're not just AI whizzes or data science gurus; our team is also composed of world-class cognitive scientists, experience designers, and data engineers.
Integrating insights from various disciplines allows us to create in ways that redefine the boundaries of technology and user experience. This is the foundation of our studio — a place where AI is a profoundly interdisciplinary practice.


  • Andrew Smith Lewis

    Andrew Smith Lewis

    CEO / Founder

  • Sarah Weisinger

    Sarah Weisinger

    Head of Strategy & Operations

  • Dr. Iain Harlow

    Dr. Iain Harlow

    Chief AI Officer

  • Thomas Steele-Maley

    Thomas Steele-Maley

    Head of Partner Experience

  • Fred Nerby

    Fred Nerby

    Creative Director

The core
@ Alai

Our Mission

Our mission is to amplify human brilliance. This is is what we wake up and do every day — the rock we bang on. It is what motivates us, and what drives us. It’s the company’s job description.

Our Vision

Our vision is of a world where human brilliance is amplified by artificial intelligence to craft solutions that redefine the bounds of possibility. This is an expression of what the world will look like if we are successful. It is what we are working so hard to make come true.

Our Values

Art + Science

We are firm in our belief that AI is a deeply creative tool.


Collaboration across different disciplines is where the magic comes from.


We champion the power of creativity to transcend boundaries, sparking new possibilities.

For the long haul

We build things to last, by design.

Careers @ Alai

We’re growing fast, with needs in every department. If you feel called to amplify human brilliance, we need to meet.

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