Everything we build is powered by four components that help us get you to market fast, without sacrificing sophisticated tooling.

Alai Core

Our platform infrastructure includes an ultra-fast data store; an LLM-agnostic training environment that uses reinforcement learning to deftly customize pre-existing base models;

a payments layer, a robust set of APIs that allow us to add third-party integrations quickly, and everything you would expect of an enterprise-grade offering from a security and DevOps perspective.


Spark is our engagement engine. It powers our front-end applications.

Spark is responsible for ingesting data and media, building personalization models, and adapting interactions in real-time to drive engagement.

It supports multiple interaction models that communicate with lower pieces of the stack to surface intelligence in whatever interface paradigm users prefer.


Flare is our insights engine.

It powers our back-end applications, including both user-focused predictive models and real-time analytics for management. Flare is all about emerging insights that can inform strategy.

Model Library

The Alai Model Library is a repository of pre-configured models and modules that we can take off the shelf and customize for you.

For example, Blaze is a testing model focused on dynamic strategy validation. It allows us to play out decisions in both simulated and live environments to quickly understand their business impact.

Great Tech Means Nothing Without Enthusiastic Adoption

We’re crazy proud of our technology infrastructure and platforms.

But here’s the truth amidst today’s frenzy — AI is even more vulnerable to adoption risk than other new technologies because of everything from bad data models to poor buy-in and corresponding organizational resistance to change.
Enthusiastic use is a hallmark of our work; getting there requires sound strategy, high-end talent, the right use cases, and most of all, a truly incredible user experience.
At Alai, we don’t build, much less deploy anything, until we have uncovered the specific opportunities most worth pursuing. This step is often skipped in the race to deploy something and check the AI box.
We also put a tremendous amount of time and effort into ergonomics, another oft-overlooked part of AI implementation. The new capabilities we launch need to fit users like a glove. They must be emotionally satisfying and thoroughly natural in feel. Alai will always be a place where craft reigns supreme, and real, highly usable and well-adopted things get made every day.

The Alai method

Bespoke AI solutions

From observing your people and processes and putting an AI strategic plan in place to executing end-to-end, Alai offers a level of collaboration and creativity unique in our industry.

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