The Alai Method:
A Flywheel

The method we use to innovate with AI is best described as a flywheel that continues in a virtuous loop.

Step 1


Upfront observation and data-gathering about users is key. We start by ingesting a broad set of data and media, including special subject matter expertise and in-house content, key user behavior flows, and established rules and protocols.

This helps us begin to craft AI in a way that honors what’s already working well and worth investing in further.

Step 2


The goal of this step is to uncover a sophisticated sense of user needs, goals, mindset, and natural ways of working.

AI-driven interactions leverage the latest findings in cognitive and neuroscience to discern how to build meaningful connections and trust.

Step 3


This step is all about making predictions about what users want and when.

We help drive toward specific outcomes by getting ahead of what we know people are trying to accomplish, with information, feedback, questions, and action prompts arriving at the optimal time, in perfect tone and tenor.

Step 4


Finally, our powerful data and analytics engine provides real-time patterning and insight based on full spectrum of interactions with Alai.

This helps us understand what to keep and where there are additional opportunities for improvement, and the cycle begins again.

For the Long Haul

At Alai, we build things to last, by design.

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